Remote working or (if interested) Warsaw, London, Shanghai

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Blockchain Senior Software Developer / PHP

We are BitMarket (www.bitmarket.net), 30th biggest crypto exchange in the world and one of the 10 biggest exchanges in Europe. Operating mainly in eastern Europe we have an appetite and we diligently work on global expansion path for our platform, both geographically and in terms of trading and exchange products and crypto tokens that our users can use.

For our growing IT department we are looking for very talented Senior Software Developer.

Must to have skills:

  • Able to design complex enterprise-grade system architecture, highly available and scalable, with many cooperating components and integration points with external service providers
  • Advanced PHP development, including OOD and quality focused (unit testing, integration testing)
  • Advanced SQL, transactions isolation levels, complex querying
  • Knowledge of NoSQL platforms, Redis, MongoDB or others
  • At least basic understanding of Blockchain technologies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum.
  • Blockchain excitement and hunger to know more in this space.

Nice to have skills:

  • Any other blockchain technologies are in plus (Stellar, Lisk, DASH, Ripple)
  • Understanding of Solidity and main Ethereum standards like: ERC-20, ENS, EVM.
  • HTML5, CSS and JS.
  • Any other advanced programming language: Java, Node.JS, C#, Python.
  • Understanding of trading platform internal processes and algorithm trading techniques.

What kind of tasks you can expect to be asked to work on:

  • Integration with other blockchains and other cryptocurrencies
  • Integration with tokens running on top of other blockchains (eg ERC-20 or other standards)
  • Development of new trading products, matching algorithms or distributed financial services
  • Integration projects with our external banking or payment partners
  • Code optimisation and performance tuning
  • Smart contract development (Solidity)


  • We are happy with remote workers and your localization is not that important (though we would prefer somebody in the near to GMT time zones)
  • If you prefer you can also work from our office in Warsaw, London or Shanghai
  • We do not have any min or max salary brackets, it all depends on your expectations and capabilities. Show us your best side and we will definitely reward you for it
  • Both contract and permanent positions available, both require full-time involvement
  • We look only for long-term mutual commitments

If you think you have what it takes to work with us send us your CV (jobs@bitmarket.net) together with a small demonstration of your skills. For that we would require you to create simple PHP project that integrates with bitcoind daemon (or any other blockchain daemon, geth is also fine) and for any given block index it presents its hash and hashes of its predecessor and successor. We cherish good architecture and quality of the deliverable, please be mindful.