SGH Warsaw School of Economics, al. Niepodległości 162
28 marca, 17:00

CEO Academy - Growth Strategies for Global Tech Startups

CEO Academy is a CEMS Skill Seminar at SGH Warsaw School of Economics. Do you want to find out how to develop effective strategies for businesses operating in the new tech industry? You will have this opportunity to learn from real-life examples during CEO Academy - a series of seminars delivered by CEOs and top level executives of fast growing Polish startups! What exactly?

In cooperation with Daftcode the programme is conducted by professor Piotr Płoszajski, Chair of the Management Theory and includes such themes as:

  • Building growth on global corporate market,
  • Boosting Business with Performance Marketing,
  • Changing the industry via customer experience,
  • Scaling SaaS product world-wide,
  • What is smart money and how to raise them,
  • Go to market strategy for real-life digital product Who can join? 
  • Ambitious and proactive students of Warsaw School of Economics with great management skills and business knowledge,
  • Members of CEMS Club and other student organizations are welcome,
  • Other students of 3rd, 4th and 5th year.

How to join?

To apply go to ceoacademy.daftcode.com and fill the form at the bottom of the website. You have to apply till 14.03.

When and where?

28 March

17:10 - 18:50, SGH, Building C, Room 2C (Lecture)

4 April

17:10 - 18:50, SGH, Building C, Room 2C (Lecture)

11 April

17:10 - 18:50, SGH, Building C, Room 2E (Lecture)  

20 April

17:10 - 18:50, SGH Building C, Room 2C (Lecture)

25 April

17:10 - 18:50, SGH Building C, Room 2C (Lecture)

16 May

TBC, Daftcode HQ, Plac Europejski 1, Warsaw Spire, 40th floor (All day workshop & the finale)

Last, but not least - why should you join?

  • Unprecedented opportunity to learn from CEOs how to build a strategy for digital products while working on real cases and real digital products 
  • Participating (and completing) CEO Academy means you’ll additionaly receive 1 ECTS point 
  • For the best students it’s also the chance to join Daftcode and get a job offer in business and strategy area

Don’t wait any longer! The number of participants is limited. Find out more on ceoacademy.daftcode.com