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Marketing & Customer Service Associate (PL + EN) part-time & flexible

Langu is a fast-growing UK-based language-learning startup that has achieved significant traction in Poland and is looking to scale up.

We are looking to hire a part-time marketing & customer service associate who would help bring language students onto our platform.

The role is an evolution of a successful growth hack we have used to grow the platform. Your task will be to find and utilise various places online where you can advertise individual teachers and field responses from students who respond to those ads, leading them onto the Langu platform.

You will interact with these students primarily in Polish, usually online but also occasionally by telephone. Confidence with written English (B2 or above) will also be necessary.


  • Have excellent written communication
  • Have exceptional attention to detail
  • Have a genuine interest in helping our users find the best language teacher for them
  • Be an eager user of social media (send us links to your profiles!)
  • Be driven by the excitement of helping increase student signups & tracking users from first email through to trial lesson & lesson purchase
  • Speak and write excellent Polish, high-level English, and ideally 1 more European language such as German or Spanish. 


You will: 

  1. create teacher advertisements on sites such as Gumtree, E-Korepetycje, etc.; 
  2. answer email enquiries from these ads; 
  3. track the student on Langu and follow up if necessary; 
  4. engage with language-learners on sites like Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, and share our content
  5. think broadly about ways to make the student recruitment process more efficient
  • You will be working primarily with Langu cofounder/COO Agnieszka Nowicka
  • This is a flexible, part-time role. You will work from home or wherever suits you. 
  • We are happy to work around your schedule (such as university classes or childcare)
  • Looking for approx. 12 hrs/week to begin
  • Some weekend work would be expected, as language students are very active on weekends
  • You will be an early employee in a fast-growing startup, with a chance to take on more hours & responsibility going forward.


  • Send us a current CV or LinkedIn profile (Polish only is OK)
  • Send us a short email that addresses your suitability for this role based on the criteria listed above (again, Polish-only is OK). Email these to aga@heylangu.com.