10 questions to… Bjoern Herrmann

A good startup is one that… tackles a big social problem and solves it.

The most important attribute for someone who is creating a startup is… the passion and conviction for the problem space and/or the market they tackle.

Key skills in a startup team are… the ability to learn fast and execute effectively.

Innovation is for startup like… atmospheric electricity is for a lightening. Startups are the purest known embodiment of innovation.

If I had to get funding of my own startup, I would decide to… raise funding.

The best way to promote a startup is… to be able to articulate the solution and the problem you are solving.

The most frequent cause of a startup failure is… premature scaling (see definition here: http://startupgenome.cc/a-deep-dive-into-the-anatomy-of-premature-sca)

The most frequent cause of a startup success is… not failing on the way.

The most interesting trends on the Internet are… startups replacing traditional service sector jobs of bankers, doctors, lawyers and accountants.

It is worth to create a startup because… it is the best known way to solve big problems and to make the world a better place.