10 questions to... Dan Martell

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A good startup is one that... solve a real problem in a way that delights the customer or user.

The most important attribute for someone who is creating a startup is... relentless. It's expected that things will go wrong, it's all in the persistence of moving forward that will decided success.

Key skills in a startup team are... great product sense. Understanding growth - what make your company grow. Focus on hard problems.

Innovation is for startup like... fuel for a car.

If I had to get funding for my own startup, I would decide to... raise money from investors that I truly respect and would consider as co-founders.

The best way to promote a startup is... creating a great product. Helping your customers and users tell others about it.

The most frequent cause of a startup failure is... co-founders fight or team issue. Too slow to iterate and listen to their customers.

The most frequent cause of a startup success is... great team and product.

The main difference between American and European startups is... Americans don't need to deal with 12+ languages from day 1 :)

Startup is worth creating because... it's your chance to improve the quality of life for the rest of the world.