10 questions to... Marvin Liao

A good startup is one that... flexible, open minded.

The most important attribute for someone who is creating a startup is... true passion and interest.

Key skills in a startup team are... strong technical skills, strong business skills, strong marketing skills.

Innovation is for startup like... blood for humans.

If I had to get funding for my own startup, I would decide to... that depends what startup you are create. Not every startup need funding.

The best way to promote a startup is... build a great product who solve a real problem.

The most frequent cause of a startup failure is... no product to market fit, scaling too quickly before you get product to market fit, not listening to the market.

The most frequent cause of a startup success is... i don’t think there is most common cause ;)

The main difference between American and European startups is... American startups are much more agressive, they think bigger and they realize importance between sales and marketing.

Startup is worth creating because... innovation is a live blood economy, all innovation comes from startups not from a big companies - unfortunately.