10 questions to… Richard Lucas

A good startup is one that… has a clear idea of the problem it is going to solve and how it is going to be competitive, better or cheaper than the existing solutions.

The most important attribute for someone who is creating a startup is… the ability to get things done fast and well.

Key skills in a startup team are… sense of humour, interpersonal skills, determination and motivation.

Polish startups differ from those abroad in that… It’s hard to say, start ups are so different even within Poland. We have a different market environment and demand structure, for example there are fewer people with enough disposable income to buy on line Apps, so the local market is smaller but I don’t think that matters so much, many decent companies want to go global from day one.

Innovation is for a startup like… sex for a life form.

If I had to get funding for my own startup, I would decide to… go to many business events as possible and ask people what they think about my idea.

The best way to promote a startup is… to pick up the phone and call potential customers, maybe go see them.

The most frequent cause of a startup failure is… one of either bad timing, bad luck, bad idea or  something else.

The most frequent cause of a startup success is… being good at getting things done.

A start up is worth creating because… you can have a lot more fun, make a lot more money than with a regular job, while make the world a better place, reducing unemployment, and advancing human progress.