GammaRebels’ teams

ARNav – Adam Mencwal

What exactly is your project about?

ARNav is a complete new experience in navigation for pedestrians and tourists. It is an app for mobile devices that uses Augmented Reality which gives user intuitive directions to chosen Point of Interest. It works like 'pointing a finger’ at given direction – no more confusion trying to interpret information shown on flat map.

What is your business model?

First version of app will be released for free but with ads displayed. Next, want to deploy paid version with extended functionality (turn-by-turn navigation). And finally, as a 3rd milestone we want to launch access to offline maps, paid as an annual fee.

There are a lot of AR apps. What is your advantage?

The main advantage is exceptional simplicity of use. Layar and others are terribly complicated and hard to use. Secondly – access to millions of useful Points of Interest around the whole world (thanks to OpenStreetMap database). And thirdly – futuristic and atractive user interface design.

Can AR navigation win the battle with the „classical” ones, like Google Maps Navigation ?

Its a matter of use case. Classical, 'flat’ navigations, (additionallly with voice messages) could still be popular among drivers. But walking, sight-seeing, etc. is completly other use case, and AR can guide pedestrian much better than 'classical’ navigation.

QRcao – Piotr Tuszyński, Michał Tuszyński, Katarzyna Kwiecień

What exactly is your project about?

QRcao is a service that allows you to share your contact details with anyone you meet, in a very easy and painless way. It is your personal digital business card, that is capable of holding way more info than it’s paper predecessor. Business cards have been around forever and there’s been many people complaining about how unreliable and uncomfortable they are that we just had to do something about this. We’ve spent a while searching for the best and most universal way of transferring the data, and it turns out that most of smartphones on the market are equipped with camera which can easily recognize QR codes. So we decided to build an app that would feel just like NFC but using camera.

What is your business model?

The application will be for free. We we will also introduce business accounts but highly customizable and brandable for businesses like restaurants or shops.  Also users for a small fee will be able to customize their profile appearance. We know that ordinary paper business cards are still popular, that’s why in we want also offer our users the possibility of ordering paper business cards and all kind of gadges with QR codes printed on them.

I have an Barcode scanner app,  I can display photos and QR code with my business card on the phone’s screen. What is your advantage?

We offer a complete and integrated solution out of the box. To achieve the scenario you mentioned, you’ll need to use several tools or use QRcao and get even more! We plan to target most platforms available on the market, so no matter if you got iPhone, Android or Blackberry – you will be able to use our solution anywhere.

BusyFlow – Jaro Satkevic, Ignas Mikalajunas, Rimvydas Naktinis

What exactly is your project about?

BusyFlow is a project management solution that combines best productivity tools into one flow. In our first releases we will integrate Pivotal Tracker, Dropbox, Google Calendar/Docs/Tasks, Remember the Milk and Evernote.

What is your business model?

We will have freemium businesses model: basic functionality will be given for free, those who want additional features will have to buy premium service.

Why would I use your tool? What problem do you solve?

Small teams use many productivity tools (such as Dropbox, Google Docs/Calendar/Tasks, Pivotal Tracker, Yammer etc.) which are not synchronized and lack possibility to see the whole project status. On the other hand, particular parts of integrated solutions like Basecamp or Podio are not the “best of breed”. Therefore, forcing teams to choose between the best tools and integrated solutions.

BusyFlow shows “the Flow” from all of their productivity tools and allows them to work together. For example, you can create a Pivotal task from a Dropbox file or make a Calendar entry from Pivotal Tracker milestone. Additionally, clients will continue to use the tools they love.

eOffer – Agnieszka Zdebiak, Ewa Galant, Maciej Płusa

What exactly is your project about?

Application eOffer is a tool allowing companies to interest their potential clients with the offer by means of Facebook. With the usage of the application a company can present a product or a service in a very innovative and interesting way. They can create a profile with description and a photo. A user is able to create an offer and place it on a funpage in just few steps. Every potential client visiting the funpage will be able to get acquainted with the offer, to use a discount and to directly contact the company.  Additional discount will be available after sharing the offer on Facebook Wall.

In the nearest future companies recommendations are also planned in our project. It will allow our clients to share offers not only on Facebook but also on Google Plus, Linkedin and other web pages.

What is your business model?

Two business models are expected to be created by our company. Version Freemium with supplementary options, i.e. wall note edition, email edition and mentioned beforehand, companies recommendations. In response to our customer’s needs we will also introduce non-subscription payments model in which payment is charged when a client uses an offer promoted by eOffer.

A lot of people claims that Facebook (and social media in general) are not a good place for selling services or products. Do you think otherwise?

Application eOffer, however, is not the application for products/services sale, neither on Facebook nor on any other social network. It is the commerce tool that is to encourage potential clients to get familiar with products/services. It can be described as the tool indirectly supporting sale.

Users of social media before they buy products or services, will talk about them. Then they contact the seller, co-create new products and influence their development. And just to support such activities is also ready eOffer.

Recently, several similar projects have shown up. How do you plan to succeed?

Our application of potential competition stand out three things:

1. encourage customer to contact the service provider / trader with an attractive form.

2. system commands between users based on viral marketing and system commands between companies using the premise that use of multiple services in a package e.g.: beauty salons.

3. ability to provide promotions and discount systems different than in group purchasing.

Game Disrupt – Krzysztof Wacławek, Ola Puchta

What exactly is your project about?

Game Disrupt is about changing the world. One game at a time. We use game mechanics to help individuals and societies improve their performance in different aspects of life.

We believe that games are gaining more and more attention and eventually will become separate medium for communication. What we appreciate most, is their interactivity and unique ability to provide experience, which makes them one of the most efficient and impactful communication tools.

We believe that games are this unique tool, that by combining fun with education are able to change not only minor behaviors but also the way people perceive and understand the reality.

As a mankind, we reach advanced levels of understanding the world that we are living in, but it requires very specific knowledge. And this knowledge is difficult to obtain by ordinary people. We want our games to explain complicated theories in a fun and intuitive way.

Our first idea is a social game based on the Tragedy of the commons theory developed by Elinor Ostrom and appreciated by the Nobel committee in 2010. The game enables experiencing the dilemma and consequences of using a commons (shared or unowned resource) inefficiently. It consists of 20 rounds in which each player decides on his fishing strategy (moderate or overfishing). His strategy influences the level of fishes in the whole lake and the amount of fishes caught by other players. The game is highly playable and eye-opening. Turning it into social game will give an opportunity to make a global experiment (with players from all continents) showing people the dilemma of managing the global commons like fresh water, air or oil.

What is your business model?

We defined two business models depending on the particular game. The business model of the first game is based on design consultancy model – we charge the organisation or institutions which wants to develop the game solving particular problem. In case of next products we want pursue with freemium model charging the end consumer.

Resmesh – Ashwin Bhambri, Aadhar Mittal

What exactly is your project about?

Resmesh is an easy to build personal website application for your 'Personal Identity’ and 'Professional Pitch’. We are targeting the 700 Million market of social media users and believe that they would want to upgrade to Resmesh if building their personal website can match the level of easiness of creating a social media profile. Reasons why a user would build a Resmesh profile:

a. Their personal brand is personified better and more effectively

b. Their 'Professional Pitch’ is more effective and validated with content generated out of their personal media files

What is your business model?

We make money by providing:

a. Vanity URL’s

b. A search & directory service for recruiters and HR managers to find the best candidates

c. we are exploring other value added options and upgrades

The are plenty services like yours – for example What is your advantage? is simply a squeeze page for your personal identity with all your social tags. Resmesh is a personal website that includes a Squeeze page, Resume and Portfolio. Functionally, a user can create a more elaborate profile with all their personal media files PPT, PDF, Voice, Video, Pictures. Resmesh is amazingly easy to use and simpler to get started with, a user does not have to be great at design. is comparatively more complex for a user to get started. Resmesh gives the best 'Professional Pitch’ user experience as the product has been built around feedback from recruiting managers, the features and flow integrate with the recruiting process and make it easier, some points to validate this are provided below:

a. Recruiters hate 'Resumes’ coming in as attachments and prefer web links

b. Linkedin is a preferred format but most recruiters refer to a Linkedin profile as 'Canned Tuna’ and would appreciate a format that is brighter, easier to understand and helps them gauge important applicant information faster.


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