Oferta pracy: CTO – GlobeShifts

We are building a global market-disrupting e-commerce platform that will handle millions of EUR in payment at launch in one of the largest industries on the planet. We believe that this community marketplace will change the way one of the most established global industries goes about one of its core business functions. And yes, we want to build it in Poland (with Poles and people from all over the world). In the begining will be run out of London (EMEA) and the US.

This opportunity might be quite different from the others you are entertaining right now. We’re building something with not only a business model but with income starting day 1. We have no competitors (as on Dec. 1, 2013). The two cofounders already in place have 12 years of deep industry experience. We are very good at sales – B2B, international, direct sales. This is an ecommerce platform. Not sexy? We beg to differ and would welcome the opportuity to sway the right team member our way.

Why do we want a cofounder instead of hiring an outside team or outsourcing the tech? Because of the way we view your role:

  • put together, inspire, manage and drive a team of all-stars that feel comfortable with their place in the world thanks to you;
  • dream big with us designing, managing and overseeing the building of a big, complex and powerful solution that will provide market security and logistics;
  • inspire the startup ecosystem and inspire us to build the best, safest and most advanced solution our industry could ever want. Then rest a day and start all over again to make it even better;
  • drive the design and build of something massive that will involve building an intuitive user interface, lots of APIs, social, payment systems and more;

So yes, we can buy the tech. But we can’t buy the team you will build and lead.

Who are we looking for?

  • an adult. If you don’t know what we mean then you’re not the right person to lead the team;
  • you’ve done a startup or two, failed, made mistakes, made amends, learned a lot. Can lead, teach, inspire and manage others;
  • you’ve built teams, you’ve managed them, you’ve led them through tough times and you’ve lived to tell about it;
  • you are ridiculously good at what you’re tasked with – designing the infrastructure and leading the building of a world-class solution and you have the track record to prove it;
  • you don’t bring bullshit to work, you don’t tolerate bullshit and you call everyone out on their bullshit (including, or even first of all, your fellow cofounders). That’s how you get things done.

Why you might need us:

  • we have a clear plan to build something huge, with a real M100+ revenue business model in an industry that we know very well and that is one of the biggest on planet Earth;
  • we want to build something huge, with a real M100+ revenue business model in an industry that we know very well and that is one of the biggest on planet Earth;
  • we want to make you rich (as well as our investors and our clients) and we think we know how to do it (none of that „get traffic, we’ll figure out the monetization later” business);
  • we understand our user base like you couldn’t believe;
  • we have customers just itching to give this a go;
  • we excel at sales – a factor that makes or breaks a B2B/B2C business. We’ve done sales on most; continents and we can’t wait to start with this;
  • we’ve been successful, we’ve failed, we’ve handled really bad days and painful weeks. We’re strong and you can rely on us to get the whole thing to the finish line.

What we’re offering:

  • 10%-30% of equity, depending on what you bring to the table and an open and honest conversation about money in the company;
  • a salary – depending on a lot of factors, including the equity package of course;
  • you’ll be designing the benefits package for yourself and your team so it’s really up to you (within reason);
  • the opportunity to not work on the next app for ordering takout or the next great online ad generator;
  • an incredbile once-in-a-lifetime helluva ride;

If you’re interested yourself or could recommend people we could talk to please DM us @ http://bit.ly/1eROA8l .You can also email us at [email protected].