Poznan loves SuperMama!

You have just won „Start with e-nnovation”.  Was it your first competition?

No, this is our third competition. We participated in something called MIT Business Plan Competition in Arab Region on March this year. We were semi-finalist, but we didn’t win the final. We were in the best 30 out of the 30,000 applications. Then we took part in competition named NextGen in Egypt, where we won and get some money which we needed to take part in Startup Bootcamp in Denmark.

So winning „Start with e-nnovation” wasn’t your first success…

That’s true, this is our second big success.

Could you describe a good startup?

I think that good startup has good founders and good idea. The way we see it is SuperMama –  a super idea and super team. This is super idea, because this is a very much need in the market, we know that because we made research. We think that we have a super team, because we are sure that we choose a people who are very competent.

Why startups are worth creating?

We see only advantages in creating startup. You can give your time, effort, money and everything to your idea come true.

You are from Egypt. Is there many startups?

Not really, but few startups are going to launch this year, so we have our fingers crossed for them.