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Finansowanie: własne

Model biznesowy: inny


Czym jest Wasz projekt?

The InkSearch Platform is here to offer a booking system for tattoo artists, studios and clients. Thus, users can book and pay via a website for the desired tattoo session. Additionally, the InkSearch booking system informs users about available slots, the price of the session, general information about the artist, their location, and provides a review system for users to rate studios or artists with useful information for other tattoo lovers. Problem —- Solution —- System —- Pricing

Jaki problem rozwiązujecie?

Problem: There is no booking system for tattoo sessions. Thus, potential clients have to contact studios or artists months in advance, and are often left without an answer. They waste time due to the fact that studio owners and artists don’t have much time to reply. Also, tattooers refuse to take a booking without receiving a deposit. Solution: Introducing an online booking system with integrated payment gateway for booking and taking deposits online. System: The website is connected to a studio/artist calendar that has a database of free slots along with session prices. Also, the server has a payment gateway system that enables users to pay their deposit fee for the session instantly. Once the booking request is approved by the artist, the server notifies the client about their booking with crucial information such as chat with the artist, and exact location.

Do kogo kierujecie swój projekt?

By providing a complex solution for artists and their clients we aim to be: -> Place where clients search for tattoos, get inspired, read reviews, pick artists, book a session and pay a deposit. -> Place where artists get promoted & rated, have their own website with statistics panel, find clients and even a new job, optimize their time and cash flow. -> Place where studios create marketing campaigns, reach more people, advertise jobs, expand their offer to a global perspective, and cut down the booking process time. features for artists/studios: -Statistics panel (views per time period, new followers, number of likes of photos) -Automated download of photos from the Instagram account -Job offers page -Additional manager profile linked to artist’s account

W jaki sposób projekt ma zarabiać?

Business Model: We based our profits on commission fee from each booking on our website. We take from 15 up to 25% out deposit fee which gives us on average 10$ of income from each booking. For further grow we are about to create a freemium plan for studios and artists wishing to be featured higher on our website. For that purpose, we first need to have a sufficient market penetration. With such a plan we are about to have the break-even point in 17 months from the start.

Kto stoi za projektem?

Mateusz Łagowski Co-Founder, privileged shares (CEO) Marketing Coordinator with 5 years experience in the field. Specializes in harnessing the power of online marketing to boost customer engagement in innovative ways. Formerly worked in Rocket Internet in Berlin and helped building marketplaces such as (sold for 200mln euro), (sold, now part of booksy) Past experience in startup building: SafePACZ. Passionate about the tattoo market – TATTOOS: has a collection of 4 tattoos from around the world (Miami, Berlin, Milan, Warsaw) Sławomir Chojnicki Co-Founder (CTO) Degree of Applied Computer Science Engineer. 5 years experience in B2B web apps development based on PHP. Familiar with Phyton and Bash. Several projects built from scratch: with 200 users per day (built for kt7 and sold to Rywal-RHC), (MVP stage), rest api for mobile apps. Team leader and system architect of for Personal ties to the tattoo market since 2012. TATTOOS: Fully tattooed left arm and both legs. Sylwia Szczypek Co-Founder (CMO) 20+ years experience in Marketing and Communication. Worked on launching new products for international and Polish companies: Henkel, Bayer, Antalis, Sagem, Zelmer, Phizer and Johnson&Johnson. Brand refreshing and rebranding: CPN (today Orlen), Antalis, and Papeete. Outplacement project for 200+ people in Antalis. 5 years experience in corporations: Bertelsmann and Antalis (Member of the Board of Executives). 10+ years of experience running own businesses; expertise in financial, legal and administrative aspects. Built 3 projects from scratch to successful exit. Mat Łagowski’s coworker and business partner of 2 years. Worked with him on SafePACZ startup and other projects. Konrad Kasprzyk Art Director, Shareholder Graduated with honours from Łódź Fine Arts Academy. Rector’s Award for the Best Diploma 2016. Took part in the Valentino Future Careers program. 10+ years experience in artistic and functional graphics. Creative director in ZPR Media SA, Time SA, Leancode, and Usecrypt, including campaigns: Absolut X Warsaw and branding of the banks of the Wisła river „Tu bije serce stolicy” Konrad’s Behance profile. Worked with Mat Łagowski in one team in Usecrypt. TATTOOES – Tattooed left arm from palm to neck Tomasz Jaksender Sales Representative 5 years experience in sales. Formerly worked in B2B in B2C for Netia SA and T-Moblie respectively, as well as in the real estate market at the beginning of his career. Prior to InkSearch was developing sales in IT Outsourcing companies. Privately, passionate about new technologies and interpersonal relations. Friends with Mat Łagowski since the university. They’ve known each other for more than 6 years. Jakub Kowalczyk UX Designer UX designer with experience in Foodpanda and Daftcode, where he worked on best projects for the agency’s clients. Built his own boutique design agency. Passionate about tattoos and lifestyle projects. Worked with Mat Łagowski in one team in Foodpanda for over a year.

Na jakim etapie jest projekt? Jakie macie obecnie wyniki?

Current Stage Overview: We launched our MVP platform on 1 August 2018. Since then we’ve been able to attract first 200 artists and 1000 visitors from Warsaw, London, Berlin, Milan and more. Our Performance Marketing Test got first 12 bookings to request with CPL under 7$ during the first week of our Facebook campaign. The InkSearch team was selected to participate in the Startup Camp Challenge organized by the European Union and U.S. Embassy in Rijeka, Croatia where we competed against 15 teams from 10 countries. We won the 2nd place.

Jakie są plany rozwoju?

Growth Plan Includens 3 essential KPI’s – Acquisition Target, Team Growth, Legal Adjustment (IPR) 2018 Q1 – Market research (interviews with tattoo artists) Q2 – Start of web development Q3 – Launch of a beta platform, first artist acquisition mainly in Poland and selected cities in EU, Creation of contracts for studios and artists, hiring new people to the team Q4 – Marketing&PR campaigns, first bookings on a platform, improvement of landing pages based on feedback from the market, essential IPR documents creation, Blog creation 2019 Q1 – Finish of web development, start CEE promo trough online campaign, translation of website to local languages, content creation Q2 – marketing & pr campaigns, enter into new markets in CEE,CIS, team expansion Q3 – reach of break-even point, a start of app development Q4 – become a leader in EU market start of creating strategy for expansion out of Europe

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