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Marketing Manager - Ready4S

Marketing Manager - Ready4S

Being goal-driven, having deep sense of common goals and aiming to achieve true mastership on your field? Keep reading ;)

We’re looking for highly skilled Marketing Manager who will fulfill our sales pipeline with a lot of valuable hot leads. Yes - this job is not about getting likes on a Facebook page - it’s about boosting our sales and having a true impact on company’s growth and its direction.

Interested? Let’s see what joining us as the Marketing Manager means:
- building a strong brand on global markets (clients from > 35 countries on 5 continents!)
- working closely with the board, sales and tech team
- ability to select and implement sales & marketing tools necessary to completing ambitious goals and targets
- searching for new market trends and opportunities
- having real impact on company’s growth and its key factors

This role is for you, if you want to:
- create and run marketing department strategy
- conduct marketing projects oriented on generating leads and creating brand awareness
- build, develop and manage our marketing team
- run many marketing tests and experiments
- develop company’s digital and offline channels (including website, social media channels, presence on external portals)
- boost valuable website and social media traffic and at the same time optimise its conversion rate
- keep gathering and analyzing data in order to support marketing & business decisions
- support sales team with extra insights, fresh ideas and stuff that helps to convert leads to paying clients
- automate marketing processes and activities

You’re THE ONE, if:
- you have at least 2 years experience in a similar position or independent marketing position in IT company
- you have experience in running campaigns supporting outbound activities
- you have experience in team management
- you have practical knowledge of marketing tools, strategies and trends
- you’re goal-driven person, able to reach ambitious targets
- you’re easily combining creativity with analytical mindset
- you have great organizational and communication skills
- you have an excellent command of written and spoken English (minimum B2 level)

Sounds good? Let’s talk! https://ready4s.elevato.net/pl/marketing-manager,ja,127