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Pilot (YC W17) is looking for a friendly person to help engineers understand how our product works like. You’ll join a small team working to create a more open job market.

It’s a contract position and you’ll control how much and when you work.

A bit about who we are:
We are Pilot, a Y Combinator backed startup, with a small distributed team working from our office in Wroclaw, Poland, and remotely from San Francisco, Berlin and London.

Our mission is to create a more open worldwide job market. Today, we’re doing that by helping engineers and designers find well-paying full time contract work, and large enterprises scale technology teams using remote contractors.

Our customers are fast-growing companies with technology teams larger than 100+ that embraced remote staffing as a way to scale their operations.

What you will be working on:
You’ll introduce our product to interested candidates during a 30 minutes call. At the end of the call you’ll ask them some questions about remote work to verify their english and communication skills.

You’ll be responsible for making our candidates well informed, so they can make an informative decision about joining our network. You’re not responsible for that decision. We’d rather have well informed candidate say no, then someone agreeing to join without having the whole picture.

We’re not pushy, stay away from aggressive sales tactics and value an open, human approach to communication. We focus on senior engineers working remotely from countries like the US, Argentina, Poland or Croatia.

– Excellent communication skills. You’ll be in contact with hundreds of people and also working with a distributed team. First-class communication in English is a must.
– Open and human approach to other people. You’ll be one of the first points of contact with our company, so you need to set the right tone.
– Experience and desire to work in distributed teams. You can work from our office in Wrocław, Poland, but expect your team mates to be all over the world.

We’d especially like to talk to you if
– You have knowledge about software engineering landscape. You know what’s the Node.js, React and Ruby on Rails. You feel comfortable to talk about the technology.
– You have experience in technology market and you worked remote before.
– You know how to use tools like Zoom, Calendly and Airtable.

– You decide how many calls per month you are able to conduct and when you do them. We pay you a fixed rate for every call.
– Ability to work remotely from anywhere in the world.
– Option to work from a beautiful office in the heart of Wrocław

Apply here: https://usepilot.workable.com/jobs/882165

Project Leader – ON BOARD THINK KONG

Wolska 88, Warszawa


4 000 - 7 000 PLN PLN

2500 - 5000 PLN

10000 - 17000 PLN

1750 - 2500 PLN

8000 - 12000 PLN

3000 - 4500 PLN

Senior Ruby Developer - CoverWallet

Walencja lub Madryt


40000 - 50000 PLN

9000 - 13000 PLN

Growth Haker - placeme



2000 - 3000 PLN

3000 - 5000 PLN