VP Sales / Sales Director / Sales Cornerstone

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Job description:

Driving value for users and customers, to deliver business success in sales.

We have completed our first 18 months of product development, refinement and live market testing. This has generated some early success and growing sales.

Now we are beginning our expansion programme and are looking for an experienced sales champion, who has previously built and developed field-based direct sales teams, to fill one of the key cornerstone positions in our business.

This person must be able to „wear several hats”, as they will be an important part of our executive team, and will have functional responsibilities that include:

  • Formulate and deliver strategic sales growth Plan-of-Approach methodology for market, location, and product development,
  • Leading from the front by achieving sales targets,
  • Create and present product offer documents
  • Create and present sales training programs and accompanying documentation,
  • Sourcing, hiring, training and developing field-based direct sales specialists, and sales area managers, in locations around Poland,
  • Build and manage relationships with key partners in the local markets we enter,
  • Over time, develop and manage relationships with key advertising agencies and market partners to grow our online advertising revenues.

What We Require:

  • Building a great team and organisational culture is the basis of creating a successful business for our employees, our users and our customers.
  • This candidate must have extensive experience in field-based direct sales, and be an accomplished sales person as well as master sales trainer.
  • Massive amounts of drive and enthusiasm are required, with a solution-based attitude – not afraid to roll up their sleeves and just get the job done!
  • We value technology & innovation – but not in a way that „it was always done”! Education and training of our employees is extremely important, as are rewards and promotes for our people on the basis of what they do, not how long they are here. Everyone in our team must have the same opportunities for growth and success!

To help grow our team and become a leader within our organisation, we are interested in joining with someone who is:

  • Energetic,
  • Focused on development – of the business, and of themselves personally,
  • Great at what they do,
  • Forward-thinking,
  • Very ambitious,
  • Well-organised, clever, focused on details, and self motivated.
  • Not afraid of failure, willing to try new things (after reasonable assessment and risk-analysis),
  • Not a wimp!
  • Is in a strong personal financial position, and can fully commit to building and growing our startup business with us!

We Offer:

  • A fantastic opportunity to become an integral part of a growing team, and gain long-term benefits by delivering on the company’s goals and ambitions to become market leader in our field.
  • Close work with, and support from, the founders of the business.
  • The specific details and package/contract will be based on the individual chosen, and who chooses, to join our team.
  • A very attractive package based on less-now will be more-later, with performance-based equity awards for the right candidate.
  • Rewards based on achieving personal targets in terms of sales and business growth, as well as based on targets of area sales managers, and targets of sales team specialists.
  • Possibility of a company car, laptop, tablet and phone.
  • Ongoing training and off-site meetings.
  • Flexibility on location base.

Project Leader – ON BOARD THINK KONG

Wolska 88, Warszawa


4 000 - 7 000 PLN PLN

2500 - 5000 PLN

10000 - 17000 PLN

1750 - 2500 PLN

8000 - 12000 PLN

3000 - 4500 PLN

Senior Ruby Developer - CoverWallet

Walencja lub Madryt


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9000 - 13000 PLN

Growth Haker - placeme



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3000 - 5000 PLN