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6 000-10 000 pln

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CEO of Green Fox Academy in Poland

Green Fox Academy is the school where the talents become Junior Software Developers or Hardware Programmers in four months with the help of professional mentors. Moreover, once they have successfully graduated, we help them to find their first job.

You'll be in charge to build up our Polish operation based on the Budapest model we successfully implemented.

In one hand we provide strong support and resources, on the other hand, you need to be very entrepreneurial and adapt it in your own way.


  • 5+ years working experience in the fields of education, recruitment, tech industry (at least(!) one from this list),
  • team leading and team building experience,
  • network in the tech scene: knows the mature startups and the international corporations' local tech branches,
  • speaks fluent English.


  • strong business and entrepreneurial mindset,
  • growth mindset (TED talk https://ed.ted.com/featured/qrZmOV7R)
  • purpose driven: we really change people's life by helping them to change their career.

Huge plus:

  • experience of founding startups, companies.


Our company was founded in 2015 in Budapest downtown, since that time we became the market leader coding bootcamp in Hungary. Now we are looking in to expand our business in the CEE region.

Why do we want to grow? Because we are equally business oriented and we believe in the social impact we make through Green Fox Academy: we support people to change career and live a better life, while we solve companies recruitment problems.

Our school not only offer career-changing training for individuals, but provides a headhunting platform for companies seeking to bring talented and ambitious coders on board. This two-sided business model makes us financially strong and ensures very high quality education standards.